Angry Husband Fills Wife’s Car With Cement After Changing Her Last Name For A Supermarket Promotion(VIDEO)

Apparently, the newest form of revenge involves filling cars with cement. Don’t ask me, I didn’t come up with this.

When an unnamed woman in St. Petersburg, Russia, changed her last name to the name of the supermarket chain she works for, her husband was understandably less than thrilled.

She had done so due to a promotion at the store, where people could change their names to the store’s in exchange for $875/month for as long as they kept it.

The couple was experiencing a rough patch in their marriage, so her husband took this very badly.

He decided to get revenge on her for her actions by hiring a cement truck driver to pour cement into her car, which she took very good care of, through an open window.

He seemed quite thrilled with the result as the car was filled to the windows with the mixture, and he even filmed the act as it played out!

Take a look at this video



It’s definitely a bit of an extreme reaction, but the video has since gone viral, and opinions are mixed as to whether he should go to jail or be commended!

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